CoMoTastic is a place where we can come together, sharing all that we love about our community.

Like Wikipedia — and actually using the same software — anyone can add or change the information we share, allowing CoMoTastic to constantly grow and improve.

CoMoTastic is provided by our local Salvation Army, seeking to have a place online where we can learn about one of our country’s great communities.

At CoMoTastic, our goal is to provide all kinds of information to help people understand Columbia. In the beginning, we used ChatGPT to suggest which entries would be included and to write those entries. Now, anybody can add new information or edit what is here. We will do our best to help keep everything correct, and that will also be the responsibility of the community. Add what you want, edit what you want, and fix errors as you find them.

A few guidelines for contributing to CoMoTastic:

  • Focus on what you love about Columbia (there are plenty of other places to find and share the yucky things).
  • Make every effort to provide correct information.
  • Sources to support facts should be local.
  • We will only allow entries about people after they have passed, and all facts about them must be verifiable with a local news article or similar public source.
  • Enjoy and share with friends!